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How to keep your employees happy and motivated

5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated

It takes more than one to run a business, so when you have employees working for you, it is important that they are well engaged and motivated in accomplishing the goals of the company. According to Gallup, $350 billion is spent on employee costs annually. Studies show that about 29% of employees are engaged in their work, 54% aren’t engaged and 17% are actively disengaged. To make the most of the money business’s are spending on their employees, it is wise for them to get them more engaged in their work to create more productivity.

There are various keys that business owners can use to ensure that their employees are working harder and more consistently, without being overwhelmed or miserable. Understanding your employees plays a huge role in knowing how to help them. This brings us to the first golden key:

Golden Key 1: Treat Your Employees Like Human Beings

This doesn’t just mean respecting them and understanding that they have physical and mental limitations, but getting personal with them every now and then. Take the time to really get to know each of your employees, so that you can understand key factors about them — this includes their flaws, skills, their likes and dislikes in the workplace and what stresses them out. It is your responsibility to create a comfortable workplace for your workers. What better way to do this than by asking for their opinions and getting to know them better? Create a quick survey for them to take that’ll allow them to really comment on the workplace conditions and you as a boss. Take what is said into consideration, not to heart.

Golden Key 2: Create Clear Goals and Expectations

It is important that your employees fully understand what your company’s goals are, so there is no confusion. This will also allow your employees to find ways to reach their expectations. Giving feedback about their work can also help them to see what areas need improvement and which areas they are doing great in. The review can be an annual thing, so that it doesn’t become a burden on you or your employees. Letting your employees know how their role in your company is benefiting the business will motivate them to engage more in their work.

Golden Key 3: Developing Self Control

It is essential to give your employees space to develop personal control of their work environment; this gives them autonomy and will lead to improvement in their roles at work. To help your employees develop this skill, less supervision will have to be given, which will, in turn, give them more decision-making skills. Undermining your employees with your authority and supervision can give a lack of personal control. Let them learn from their mistakes — you will need to have patience and trust to deal with these situations.

Golden Key 4: Give Security and Safety

Everyone like to feel secure about what they do, so give your employees a safe place to work that offers security. This can be done by providing good working conditions — meaning less stress, not overly crowded, good lighting, cleanliness, low noise levels and a comfortable working space. This will make working in your company more pleasant. The security of this work environment will allow them to effectively engage in their work.

Golden Key 5: Train and Retrain in Problem Solving Skills

Making sure that your employees are knowledgeable about all aspects of their duties is important for engaging confidently in their work. Having the skills to deal with different situations with customers and co-workers can greatly help reduce stress and give better outcomes.

Being comfortable plays a key role in how an individual works. Developing a safe, stress-free and positive environment will allow more work to get done…with a smile.

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