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Be Ready for Change: 7 Strategies in Beating Obesity

Obesity is a primary health problem and is the most challenging issue regarding health in today’s generation. In actuality, the community has seen a large increase in the number of overweight people over the past decades. There are several factors which associate with the growing crisis of obesity.

The major factors are busy schedules, inactive lifestyle, overeating, and eating meals rich in sodium, sugar and saturated fats. Most portions of the community are affected by this health issue. But as any health problem, there is a solution. Here are some of the things you can do to beat obesity.

Focus on Nutritional Content

Obesity can rise from the poor nutritional intake. Make sure of having a balanced diet and healthier choices; you can lessen your amount of calorie consumption and decrease the threat of obesity.

Always make sure that you have enough vegetables and fruits in your basket when you go shopping so that if the hunger strikes, you can quickly take a chunk of fruit and vegetable. You should be achieving five different pieces of fruits and vegetable every single day.

Also, always consider reading the descriptions of the foods and drinks to determine their exact content so you can make a sound decision when purchasing them.

Plus, be conscious of the calories you are consuming; determining how much amount of calories you are taking will help you to prevent from eating more than your body needs.

For you to avoid hunger, you can eat a smaller amount of meals regularly to keep your metabolism high without eating foods that have high sugar content. Lastly, don’t stock unhealthy food and drinks at home. Avoid processed foods, junk foods and switch to healthier substitutes.

Do Proper Breathing

Most of the people don’t pay attention the way they breathe. Probably now is the time for you to start paying attention to this small but critical function and begin to do it right.

According to yoga experts, the right way of breathing is to expand your diaphragm when you exhale and push it inward when you exhale. Pay attention to the process and the way you are breathing to help you conquer stress, which is one of the major hindrances to your weight loss program.

Monitor Your Progress

Besides the strategies mentioned above, consider monitoring your progress on a regular basis. Monitoring includes watching your physical activity levels, calorie intake and lapses such as eating comfort food just to meet your cravings.

Monitoring is essential since weight loss should be lasting instead of a temporary effort. If you have an existing health condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes or have experienced a heart attack, it is recommended to consult your doctor before performing such diet, using weight loss supplements or doing physical activities.

Perform Water Therapy

Drinking enough amount of water daily is critical to the success of your loss-weight program. If you are eating a balanced meal and performing regular exercise and activity but still not dropping those weights, there are chances that you are not taking enough water.

Water has such an essential role in the functioning of our body properly, especially in the metabolism of fats. Human kidneys depend on a certain amount of water to function properly and carries an important workload to the liver when they get dehydrated.

And when the liver divides its attention, it can’t set all of its strength thus turning fat into a kind of energy. So when the liver metabolizes lesser fat, you also lose weight.

Nuts for Less

Nuts belong to the list of ultimate foods. These food are high in protein, low in pure carbohydrates, rich in healthy fats. Also, they offer an amazingly flexible additive to your diet. Nuts can stimulate your body to burn extra fats and drop excess pounds.

When taking nuts for a loss-weight program, always remember to keep calories in your mind. Nuts are a strange diet packed with energy, which means that they contain a lot of nutrients into a moderately small size.

Although it means that you can get many nutritional advantages from nuts, this also means that taking a large serving of nuts can add extra calories to your meal.

Sleep Right and Tight

Having not enough sleeping hours can influence your health. While you are not sleeping, your body produces a recipe for weight gain. You can get tempted to skip your exercise, get a takeout meal for dinner, and then go to bed late because you are still full.

Sleeping is necessary because your body needs to regenerate and recover itself after a tiring and long day. You should give enough time for your body to gain back its energy. Hence, seven to eight hours of sleep is essential.

Having more or lesser sleep could lead to the production of fat, so always make sure that you would get enough resting hours.

Engage in Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is a vital factor affecting health. The person’s body requires physical activity to keep its healthy function. When there is no physical exercise, the body can become an ineffective machine which is unable to perform its function well.

The suggested amount of physical activity an adult should perform every day can base on the strength of the exercise. Average activity requires a minimum of thirty minutes every day and at least five days a week. Intense and extreme activities may be limited to twenty minutes and for only three times a week.

You can exercise regularly in your home or the gym. Also, seek a fitness expert or physical therapist to help you achieve your goal and to have a great exercise program.


One of the most serious health-related issues the community is facing today is the increasing numbers of obesity. People nowadays continue their modern lifestyles such as playing smartphones rather than sports, working in a room rather than in a field, and riding rather than walking or biking. More and more people are now becoming overweight, and some are obese.

But obesity has to be ended. You just need to believe in yourself, keep the discipline, engage in physical activities and focus on your weight-loss goal. And to help you achieve your goal, you can visit online sites like Deal Wiki for some info and fitness products.

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