Comfort food recipes you need to try right now
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Comfort food recipes you need to try right now


Had a bad day at work? Is the weather so dismal that it is dragging on your mood? In these and other cases, many folks turn to their favorite comfort food to help brighten their day.

While it probably isn’t a good idea to make these meals a cornerstone of your diet for health reasons, there’s no denying that indulging in them every once in a while can help keep your head on straight.

Below, we’ll share a few of our favorite comfort food recipes – try them out and let us know what you think…

Super creamy mac & cheese

Mac and cheese is one of the classic Comfort food recipes

For many people in America and Canada, there is no meal that defines comfort food quite like a casserole dish packed with macaroni noodles coated in melty cheddar cheese, along with a variety of other savory ingredients.

While some varieties pack in ingredients like seasoned bread crumbs and bacon, this recipe keeps it simple, but it still ends up being utterly decadent when it hits the dinner table.

With sharp cheddar, Monterrey Jack, and Velveeta, half & half and butter for added creaminess, along with pepper and salt for a bit of seasoning, it will be a meal that will send cheese lovers into a state of zen from the first bite onwards.

Get the recipe here.

Melty cheese & potato pie

Want to sample one of the comfort food recipes the average Briton tucks into on a dour rainy day in the middle of winter? Then warm up your oven, get a puff pastry stretched out and get all the ingredients you’ll need to make a cheese & potato pie.

Based on a ski lodge favorite served up to British snowsports enthusiasts after a long day on the slopes, this dish is made by softening up sliced potatoes, and then mixing them in a saucepan with fresh cream and seasoning it with nutmeg.

Afterward, the mixture is then put into the center of a rolled out and floured puff pastry. Once it is evenly distributed among all the pastries evenly, Camembert cheese is sprinkled on top and the pastry is sealed up and placed in the oven.

Take your time eating it after it comes out – it will be piping hot for a while. Poke it with a fork and wait, as hard as that will be, given the smells that will be coming from them.

Get the recipe here.

Buttermilk ricotta pancakes with maple candied bacon and eggs

Pancakes are one of the Comfort food recipes you need to make on the weekend

Want to start your weekend off right? There is no better way than cooking up a breakfast with stacks of pancakes higher than your head.

As mouth-watering as this brunch staple is, though, it wouldn’t be complete without some bacon and fried eggs on the side.

If you really want a meal that is truly decadent, however, why not have one that stuffs ricotta cheese in your pancakes and coats the bacon with a delightfully sweet veneer.

If you want to fill your face with buttermilk ricotta pancakes with maple candied bacon and eggs, start by creating a candy coating for your rashers, which includes maple syrup, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt.

Make sure each strip of bacon is covered in this sauce, and then place them on a foil-lined baking sheet and put it in an oven.

While they are cooking, set to work on the pancakes and the eggs. To be honest, this is a recipe with a lot of moving parts, but once it hits your kitchen table, this will be one of your family’s most favorite comfort food recipes.

Get the recipe here.

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