Start your day right with these effective morning rituals
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Start your day right with these effective morning rituals

What do your mornings look like? For many folks, it consists of hitting the snooze button multiple times before finally waking up in a fit of curses.

Running late again, they rush into the shower, spending two minutes scrubbing their body in a groggy stupor – enough to get clean, but not nearly long enough to derive enjoyment from it.

Rushing into the kitchen after putting on their work clothes in record time, they pop a bagel into the toaster, grab a banana, after which they pick up their work papers, laptop, and car keys.

Stampeding out the door, they pile into an ice cold car, turn the engine over and pull out the driveway. After turning out of their street into morning rush hour traffic, their lonely toasted bagel pops, condemned to spend the next eight hours in limbo.

This may seem like a common scenario that is unavoidable for most hard working folk, but there is a minority of people who utilize effective morning rituals to empower their spirit rather than depress it.

In the article below, we’ll share a few effective morning rituals that will help boost your results.

Drink cold water

Drinking water is an underrated but among the most powerful of our effective morning rituals

Drinking a bottle of cold water serves two purposes. One, it helps to flush away toxins which have accumulated overnight, and two, it drags down your core temperature, inducing internal metabolic processes which help to burn body fat at a faster rate.

Furthermore, it gets you off on the right foot with a practice that people don’t do enough of throughout the day.

We are composed of 70% water, yet two-thirds of us aren’t drinking enough water to ensure that our internal systems function properly.

All the bodily fluids that move in and out of your cells need enough hydration to ensure they are viscous enough to carry in nutrients and evacuate waste. By starting your day off with tall glass or bottle of water, you’ll greatly improve the state of your health.


In our mind, our worries and concerns often drown out our ability to see things the way they really are.

Upon awakening, don’t rush off to the bathroom or the kitchen. Instead, spend your first five minutes awake in complete stillness. Clear your mind of all thought so you can focus on the present moment.

This practice will help you later on; when all hell breaks loose in your workplace, one of the most effective morning rituals out there will have helped you cultivate the ability to quiet your mind, helping you manage difficult situations with grace while stressful thoughts rip apart your co-workers.

Turn on some uplifting music

Music is on our list of effective morning rituals because the cognitive boosting effects of it have been proven countless times

Put that TV remote down. Instead of tuning into the fear machine, choose to put on music that elevates your spirit.

People do the former because of an unstated societal obligation that states that one must remain informed about current events.

This is the job of the news media, but they often infect their reporting with negative framing that can make you believe that the end of the world is just around the corner.

They do this to keep you glued to your television. With large numbers of people tuning in, they can then use these viewership stats to sell lucrative ad spots to corporate clients.

Choose to replace this mood destroying medium with music that picks up your spirit, as this will provide you with the personal power you’ll need to take on whatever challenges you on any given day.

Gratitude journaling

Many people think that happiness is something that is external. This simply isn’t true, as there is no person, amount of money, or physical possession in the world that will supply you with endless fulfillment.

There are children with next to nothing in places like the Philippines who can’t stop smiling and laughing – which pretty much demolishes the material wealth = happiness theory.

Instead, true happiness can be summoned at any time by taking a moment to think about what you are grateful for.

Good health, free games you can play on the internet, amazing sunsets, and best friends are all excellent examples.

When you reflect upon them, whatever was making you unhappy before melts away into the ether, and all you are left with are happy thoughts and feelings. This alone makes it one of the most effective morning rituals covered in this article.

By writing down a minimum of three things you are grateful for every day, this habit will be baked into you over time, enabling you to feel amazing no matter what life might throw at you.

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