How being grateful changes everything
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How being grateful changes everything

Gratitude: while some swear by it, others recoil at its very mention, as they associate it with new-age kooks and obsessive fans of Oprah Winfrey. Despite these perceptions, there is actually hard data which makes the case for this practice.

From being the key to happiness to improving one’s health, career prospects, and financial situation, being grateful changes everything.

Read on below and find out how this practice can improve your mental, physical and emotional state.

It can help you find happiness

Being grateful changes everything when it comes to being happy

When you focus what is going right, it prevents your mind from focusing obsessively on negative occurrences, making it easier to feel happy about the current state of your life.

Spending five minutes writing in a gratitude journal at the start of each day allows you to frame your thoughts in a positive manner, which avoids the development of out-of-control negative thoughts.

This practice is most useful when you are going through a challenging period in your life, as reminding yourself about what is great about your current situation can give you the resilience to get through whatever you are confronting. Being grateful changes everything about your life, good or bad.

It improves your health

In the same way that focusing on negativity can have a detrimental effect on your health, being grateful changes everything about it for the better.

It can help you sleep better, treat insomnia, lower blood pressure, and boost your energy levels. All of these factors can have positive effects on your health, making the active practice of gratitude an important preventive health measure.

Furthermore, grateful people who do develop diseases and suffer injuries are able to cope better, enabling them to bounce back or deal with their condition effectively, enhancing their quality of life.

It increases the probability of good career outcomes

Being grateful changes everything when it comes to your work life as well

Those who are grateful for their current career post are more likely to advance in their career as they move forward into the future.

Since they are able to find fulfillment in what they currently do, their mind has no room for negativity, which can consume their ability to act creatively.

As a result, they are adequately equipped to excel in their current role, increasing the likelihood they will get approved for a promotion. Openly expressing gratitude for one’s superiors (when done in appropriate situations) doesn’t hurt one’s chances for advancement either.

If there is no room for advancement in their current workplace, they have the head space to better themselves so they can move on to a new role when the time is right.

When one spends their time complaining about their lot in life, this is extremely difficult to do, as this act consumes one’s emotional resources. Being grateful changes everything about how you approach your working life, as you won’t have negative baggage standing in your way any longer.

It makes you less dependent on consumerism

In order to cope with their lack of happiness, unfulfilled individuals often indulge in the ‘sugar high’ buying stuff can provide.

Like the consumption of simple carbs, however, the elation of such an act fades quickly, leaving them no more fulfilled than they were before.

When you adopt gratitude as a habit in your life, you will be able to find things in your everyday life that will make you happy, which negates the need to buy the latest gadget to feel a surge of happiness. Being grateful isn’t just good for your happiness and your health, but for your pocketbook as well.

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