How to be a responsible Airbnb host in Dubai | Life Hacks and Tips
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How to be a responsible Airbnb host in Dubai


Bought an expensive condo in Dubai recently? The weight of hefty mortgage payments can greatly affect your quality of life, or if you’re an investor, your ability to buy additional properties. Thankfully, sites like Airbnb grant you the opportunity to turn spare rooms or entire properties into cash cows.

However, there are a number of things you must do if you want to be seen as a great Airbnb host in Dubai by customers, neighbours, and the government. Cover all your bases by following the tips mentioned below…

Make sure the property is safe for all guests

As an Airbnb host in Dubai, you need to follow fire regulations

Your first responsibility to your guests is to ensure their safety. Check the suite for trip hazards and exposed wires, fixing anything found along the way. If stairways or balconies lack railings, install them as soon as possible.

Some bookings may be from families with small children. Keep minors safe by childproofing cabinets which contain household cleaners and other hazardous products, and by ensuring guests watch their kids when they use the pool on your property.

Fire is another major concern – your suite should contain at least one fire extinguisher, fire blanket, and a flashlight with batteries. Ensure full compliance with Dubai’s fire regulations by having a member of the local fire brigade, Dubai Civil Defence, or the Dubai tourism ministry inspect your suite.

If your guest has an emergency during their stay, they will need to know what numbers to call. Post a list outlining emergency numbers for fire, ambulance, police, etc in a prominent place and point it out when checking in customers.

Finally, there is nothing more embarrassing than locking yourself out of your home. In the event your guests find themselves trapped outside, you’ll have to get in touch with a Locksmith Dubai so they can get back inside.

Companies like offer around the clock service, turning these stressful errors into an amusing mistake in no time.

Respect the neighbours

Unlike stand-alone hotels, Airbnb suites are often located in condo buildings alongside everyday renters and owners. As such, you’ll need to take measures to protect them. Setting quiet hours, abiding by rules concerning pets and young children, and assigning specific parking spaces are all ways you can do this.

Communication with neighbors is key – if they know what to expect and are able to express concerns, you’ll have a greater chance of avoiding complaints.

Follow the law as an Airbnb host in Dubai

Read your condo/landlord's contract before becoming an Airbnb host in Dubai

Joining as an Airbnb host in Dubai is a touch more complex than it appears at first glance. In addition to making your suite safe, you need to register it with the authorities per Dubai Holiday Home Rental Regulations.

While there are no personal or corporate taxes in Dubai, you will need to factor in the Tourism Dirham (a tourist tax) into prices you charge. These are payable monthly, so be sure to account for this fee before hosting your first guest.

Finally, make certain your building/landlord permits hosting or subletting. Breaking these rules may result in fines or eviction, making it critically important to read all the fine print in your contract before signing on as an Airbnb host.

Take out an insurance policy on your property

Despite taking every precaution, you will inevitably end up hosting a bad guest. Most of the time, they end up making a mess and/or a nuisance of themselves, but sometimes, costly damages can occur.

By taking out a liability insurance policy on your home in addition to the protections Airbnb grants, you’ll be guarding yourself against cleanup and repair expenses which can cost you tens of thousands of Dirham – or more.

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