How to become a safer driver
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How to become a safer driver

Have a driver’s license despite being exceedingly uncomfortable behind the wheel? Don’t be ashamed – the quality of driving instruction varies greatly from one school to another, and takes years of experience to get to the point where you are comfortable in the vast majority of driving situations.

Below, we’ll provide you with a few tips and tricks that will teach you how to become a safer driver.

Add a set of ‘eyes’ on the rear of your vehicle

As much as we tried when we first attempted to learn how to become a safer driver, for many of us, backing up was one of the hardest skills to master. In addition to contorting one’s neck in uncomfortable fashion to see where you’re going, the movements of the steering wheel are reversed compared to driving forward.

Some of us never really make the connection, increasing the odds we’ll bang up the back side of our vehicle at some point in the future. It only gets worse when you buy your first RV, as these long, high-sided vehicles have larger blind spots.

Avoid all these headaches by acquiring a wireless backup camera system and installing it on your vehicle. Models like the ones sold by TadiBrothers give you an extra set of eyes where you need them the most, dramatically reducing the risk of an accident and greatly increasing parking accuracy.

Take a defensive driving course

Defensive driving courses are great ways to learn how to become a safer driver

Most driving instructors do their best to teach you how to become a safer driver, but like most subjects, the second learning stops, you invite bad habits to creep into how you pilot your motor vehicle.

Taking a defensive driving course won’t just serve as a refresher for skills you learned the first time you learned to operate a car/truck, it will likely teach a whole host of new tricks that will make you more aware of the road and those that use it.

Both physical and mental components of safe driving are covered, as well as practical techniques which can help drivers recognize and prevent a potential collision.

Keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is one of the most expensive aspects of owning one; in an unlucky year, wear and tear can chew out a couple thousand dollars out of our household budget. However, the cost of not staying on top of maintenance doesn’t just make future repairs more costly, it can have deadly consequences as well.

Balding tires that leak air can make it vulnerable, leading to a dangerous blowout on the highway that can put your life and those of others at risk. Brakes are similarly ignored – apart from the damage that worn down pads can do to the rotors, the lack of stopping power could mean getting in a collision that you could have avoided with properly maintained brakes.

Take your vehicle in at least twice per year in addition to oil changes for a thorough inspection, in the same way you would go for regular health check-ups with a doctor. If your car starts costing you an excessive amount for repairs, it might be time to sell it so you can buy a newer, more dependable model.

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