How to get better at relationships: a four point plan
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How to get better at relationships: a four point plan

On a list of things which people want to improve, the quality of their relationships is often high up on the list.

Figuring out the needs and wants of another human being can be difficult, even if we have strong feelings for them.

As trying as this process can be, there are ways to make your collective journey through life smoother. Below, we’ll cover four points that will teach you how to get better at relationships.

Respect each other’s differences

A good way to learn How to get better at relationships: know when you are coming on too strong

While like attracts like, it is inevitable that you and your partner will differ from each other in specific areas.

Many think about this concept in superficial ways; for example, you might like sports, while your mate has no interest in watching grown men chase a ball around.

However, a greater source of stress builds around psychosocial differences, like when one member of a relationship is introverted and the other is an extrovert.

The introvert tires of being dragged out on the town each weekend, while the extrovert can’t figure out why their partner keeps trying to invent excuses to be alone.

Figure out where you differ from your other half, and accommodate each other. This way, you’ll have fewer conflict points where you unknowingly irritate your partner.


Technology has advanced dramatically in the past few decades, but the mind reader has yet to be invented.

Expecting your partner to see the writing on the wall all the time will only set up scenarios where you are guaranteed to butt heads, all of which could have been avoided through proper communication.

Think being honest will make you look rude or patronizing? It might, but chances are, your partner will appreciate you being upfront rather than expecting you to know about things which haven’t been discussed.

Simply talking to each other can be the killer app that can help you figure out how to get better at relationships.

Build alone time into your weekly routine


How to get better at relationships: take some time for yourself. You don't have to be together 24/7

When you and your partner first got together, you were inseparable, and neither of you minded spending every second of every day within feet of each other.

As time goes on, though, relationships mature to where being together constantly is not only less than desirable, it’s actually unhealthy.

Introverts need time to recharge with a good book, hike, or movie, and we all need to reconnect with other people in our lives.

This is especially crucial for men, as many fall out of touch with their closest friends, creating a nagging sense of loneliness that can become a long-term health risk factor as serious as smoking.

Don’t assign your partner responsibility for your happiness

There is no burden heavier than assigning another person responsibility for your own happiness. They struggle to figure what it is that makes you tick, all while preventing you from doing introspection which could lead to a brighter future for you and your relationship.

By realizing this coveted feeling comes from within, you’ll prevent your partner from bending themselves out of shape in an attempt to please you.

Instead, you’ll be in tune with what is right in your life, allowing you to create happiness from these facts without forcing others to figure out what you already know (but they don’t). When you are trying to learn how to get better at relationships, starting by focusing on yourself can be the first step that changes everything.

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