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How to Innovate with Your Stand at a Trade Show

Trade shows are organized with the goal of creating a fun, enriching, innovative learning experience complemented by the sheer energy of so many people at an exhibition in one place at one time. They are deigned to attract people to everything all around them all at once, and by the same token, the outcome can regretfully be that attendees had seen so much that they forgot most of what they saw.

Not only that, the competition is becoming increasingly apparent in growing tech areas like Boston. Some may not realize that Boston is the fourth largest tech hub in the United States by industry GDP, trailing only San Francisco, New York City, and Seattle. To someone unfamiliar with the local tech giants that exist there, they may consider themselves a big fish in a small pond. This is far from the case. Thus, when any company presents at a conference, contest, event, or exhibition of any type, they will want to bring their most acute technical design and acumen to their stands. But with 794 stands contractors in Boston, selecting the most fitting contractor can be a tiresome task. Luckily there are planty of services and resources online that make it exponentially simpler to find a stand contractor in Boston because they find one for you based on what you tell them you need. With Boston becoming such a burgeoning tech scene, trade shows have become more and more abundant.

Having a stand in the convention is comparable to being granted a repeated elevator pitch. One way to enrich those repetitive pitches is to put effort in the production of the stand to be used at the trade show. Stand design is not a one-size-fits-all service for companies, even for companies that do similar things in their respective industries. Stands have recently defied their own limits of the expectations of what a stand should be. Many are now complete with full rooms inside of the outer display, allowing a less distracting setting where someone can focus on only one company’s story for a brief period of time. Others provide sample product, if its common practice in the industry to offer free samples. Others are faces with the task of how to present favorable quantitative reports on the company that may highlight the success of their performance in the most succinct way possible. Strand contractors tackle these obstacles, of course, in any way possible. They understand a core principle of design which is that it is not the thing being presented that attracts the eye of a trade show attendee, but rather the thing on which the display is presented.

What if you don’t know which contractor can best provide for your needs?

With such a large number of contractors, what occurs all too often is a disconnect between the company and the stand contractor, where miscommunications lead to differing conceptions regarding design, message and affect, This sets up a company perfectly for the risk of overpaying for a stand contractor that may be well-known for producing high-end deliverables, but not necessarily the best fit. Some companies specialize in what functions like a recruitment agency: the client comes to them with their vision of what the stand should look like, and the company, with detailed local quantitative knowledge of all of the stand contractors in the area, can recommend a select few best suited to the needs of the client.

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