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How to Live With Housemates

How to Live with Housemates

As a student one of your best (or worst) experiences is living with Housemates but regardless of how it goes it is something you should definitely do as a student because it gives you a lot of insight as to how to behave other people, but also on culture and the differences it generates amongst all of us from which you will then learn how to manage them best. These are very important things for your personal and professional development. But of course it is best when things go smoothly, this is why we have put together a couple tips as to how to make your housemate experience as enjoyable as possible.

Make some Ground Rules

It doesn’t matter whether you are living with a friend or with someone you did not know before it is always a good idea to have some basics understandings as to how to your time together to be like. This way you can both explain your ways of living and coordinate on that basis. Conflicting situations are already massively avoided if the person in front of you thinks you have taken their feelings and ways into consideration.

Keep Track of household Expenses

Money disagreements are the worst you should try to make this topic as crystal clear right from the start so that this never becomes a problem you have to deal with. There are many apps out there that you can use to connect your accounts to shoot money easily and rapidly but most importantly fee-less to each other. An example could be Splitwise, check it out together at the start of your living together experience make sure both of you like and get it and test it once. This will come in handy much more than you think even if you or your roommates are a little short at the end of the month and decide to lend each other money its a great way to keep track of the comings and goings.

Living with Housemates

Be aware of each other’s schedules

There is a time for everything and when you live with other people you also need to take their timetable in consideration. If you or one your housemates work there is a big chance the that you will live with other people who study and it is really important that you take into consideration that they will have exams and work to do throughout the week. Of course you should restrains yourself from enjoying your free time but make sure you always put yourself in their shoes and think about whether or not you are bothering them.

What is yours is yours, what is theirs is theirs

No one likes a thief but you are not a thief if you ask kindly before. Forgetting to buy something at the grocery store happens to everyone and housemates are great in these situations because the chances are that they will have what you are missing. But you must always remember to ask before using each others things, some people will be more than willing to share their toothpaste but not their expensive shampoo. These habits should be discussed when laying out some ground rules. You should know that your Housemates ALWAYS know when their things have been taken just like you would, and it is always an unpleasant thing so make sure you avoid putting your Housemates in this situation, in return they will most probably do the same.

Do you chores

A household is a lot of work and for most students it the first time they have to do these chores so it’s important you all do your share of the chores. To avoid having this problem make sure you do a chore chart when you are setting the ground rules so that from the start it is clear who does what and what day. Chores are not fun for anyone but having to do other people is truly infuriating, especially because you plan to come home to a certain situation and it is really annoying when this is not the case.

Hang Out


Living with people makes you forget to spend actual time with them. When you are all in the same house you tend to think that you are spending time together but in reality you are doing your thing and them, theirs just all under the same roof. It is important to keep living things together not just living together. This will consolidate your relationship and often will improve your living situation and both of become more and more friends and therefore more considerate for each other.

Now that you feel a bit more reassured as to how to live with other people it is time to look for your next home, a good start is to check out A platform for international students and young professionals to find accommodation around the world. Short term or long term, living with other people or not it is a great resources to start planning your experience abroad.

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