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Bitcoin - how to make real money from virtual things

How To Make Real Money From Virtual Things

With so many social networking sites, apps and online currencies, you may be wondering how you can join the bandwagon and make money from virtual things. Bricks and mortar stores are closing at a fast rate and digital goods are now taking over, with many people choosing to sell virtual things, as opposed to physical things. If you’re looking to break away fromt the 9 to 5 and make money online, here are some ways you can get in the game:


Cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming a new, valid form of exchange on the internet that is turning traditional banking on its head. You can profit through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by starting your own bitcoin block chain breakers. This uses powerful computers you can buy online for $2000-$3000 and everyday they work at making you money. Here is how it works: These blockchain breakers serve the purpose of decrypting encoded blockchains that function like real money. Whenever one of these blockchains are broken then you earn the bitcoin for that blockchain. Since bitcoins are worth serious money, buying a bitcoin blockchain breaker will provide you with a steady income as long as it is able to decrypt the blockchains.

Virtual assistant

You can work as a virtual assistant for other people and provide real virtual services for serious cash. Virtual assistants are high in demand for online executives and jet setting business people who do not maintain a regular office. You can earn the same salary as a regular assistant and do it all from the comfort of your home, or even, the beach! As a virtual assistant you are free to go anywhere and do anything you like. This means you could decide to head off to Spain or Bali and work there for a while. You provide virtual services by sending off emails, organizing your executives calendar, or calling clients over Skype to set up appointments.

Mobile Games

Creating your own mobile game is an excellent way to earn real money for something virtual. As a result of your game you could end up very wealthy, just ask the creator of Angry Birds. You can create fun games that people will download and rate. By creating better games you can not only charge more, but they will also become more popular which can lead to massive profits from the “network effect.”

A mobile game requires knowledge of computer programming, so you may want to hire someone online to do this, or teach yourself how to do it. Just in case you do teach yourself, here is another way to earn online:

Provide Virtual Services

You can provide virtual services for serious money in the form of business and legal advice, accounting services or even computer programming. You can learn valuable skills that employers will pay big dollars for, even though it is all entirely virtual! This means that you will be able to increase your income without struggling with building an online business or establishing a large customer base for a mobile game. What services could you offer virtually today that would lead to real dollars tomorrow?

Play online slot games from your PC

You can also play online slots games from your PC or try your hand at playing virtual poker. Poker for example, is a great way to earn a serious income as a professional player. You can even utilize advanced computer software to help you calculate your odds and give you an edge over your opponents.

As you can see there are many ways you can earn real money from virtual services. Ultimately which choice you make is going to depend on what is right for you. Which of these choices best suits your lifestyle and present situation? This will help guide you to making the right choice for you. If you are unsure, consider trying a few of them out and see which one you like the best!

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