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Online Social Gaming

How to speed up your online social and gaming experience

The debate of traditional casino gaming versus online gambling often comes down to the idea that ‘land casinos’ made of bricks and mortar have an advantage over online play because of their social aspect. Why sit at home, engaging with a screen, when you can be in the heart of the action, surrounded by real people?

Because going online isn’t what it once was. The innovations of Facebook, online casinos and mobile devices allow online gamers to have a social experience too, if they want it. You don’t have to be jostled by gaggles of tourists to get the casino atmosphere, or sit in a noisy bar to catch up with friends. By using a few of these tips, you can boost your online entertainment experience with a genuine social buzz.

Go mobile.

Your mobile is extremely useful for a smoother gaming experience. First up, most casino sites now offer a mobile counterpart, so you won’t be losing out on games or offers. You can play all the usual slots or bingo games, but now you’re also a button away from other platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp for a little chat as you go along. With quick app switching using the menu button, your phone essentially adds a chat service to any given casino! A group conversation with friends can really make playing at a casino more fun, plus you can share screenshots and wins. You can even have your mobile as a second screen while playing a desktop site, for chat or for looking up gambling terms on sites like Casinopedia, to ensure your banter is up to scratch.

Try social casinos.

There is a rising trend for ‘social casinos’, particularly in countries like the US which don’t allow gambling. These sites work just like any online casino, but all the gambling is with fun money instead of real money. You can still buy things, as you can with any mobile game- such as avatars, more chips and virtual accessories- but you don’t actually gamble. This may appeal to the casual player. Casinopedia’s Ivan Potocki reported that in the US, the majority of social casino players prefer to use their mobiles, highlighting again the laid-back benefits of using a small screen. Furthermore, researchers at SuperData sound that the audience is predominantly female, with 73% of mobile and 72% desktop players being ladies.

Bingo is back.

There are still many people who see bingo as a pastime of old dears in village halls, but visit any of the new wave of online bingo sites and you’ll find people of all ages enjoying games and chat. This is again a predominantly female environment, though all are welcome. The beauty of most big bingo sites, such as Jackpotjoy and Gala, is that chat is built into the site. This makes getting social while you gamble incredibly easy. You can have a laugh with friends or strangers, or indeed with the site’s hosts. They even play games and quizzes in chat, with real cash prizes.

Facebook is friendly.

Another great way to combine social interaction with gaming is Facebook. Naturally, this site covers all the social side of things very easily- add your friends, make group messages, share pictures and updates and you’re set. But Facebook also has a huge selection of games, from games of skill like Bubble Witch to virtual casino and bingo play. Many social, fun-play casinos like Slotomania operate this way, or you can simply use Facebook as side-order to your usual casino play. It’s very easy to share your wins, losses and banter with friends this way, even on mobile devices.

Switch it up.

Last but not least, a little hint to make life easier if you want to use multiple services to blend social and gaming platforms. On Chrome, you can press CTRL + Tab to instantly swap from one open tab to the next, making it super-easy to streamline the process. Mobiles allow switching using the main button, or for Android devices, the open app list. If these make your head spin, just use your mobile or tablet alongside a desktop or laptop computer.

Social interaction and online play can go together perfectly, with a little savviness. More sites are offering chat and multiplayer games, so that modern gamblers- both pro and casual- can capture a fun, shared experience.

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