Top 5 meditation apps for your smartphone
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Top 5 meditation apps for your smartphone

Having trouble achieving enlightenment like her? These meditation apps for your smartphone might help...

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While “there’s an app for that” might seem like just a marketing slogan to some, there is some truth to this adage.

With new features being added to smartphones with every passing year, the versatility of apps has grown, putting the power to change your life in your hands.

Of all the mind hacks out there, mediation is one of the most powerful. The ability to quiet one’s mind confers an advantage unto people who have mastered this skill, especially in an age of information overload, accelerating change, and political anxiety.

Yes, there are apps that can teach you to meditate and to do it better. This article will share the top five meditation apps for your smartphone that can help you transform your scatterbrained mind into a fertile garden of calmness.

1 – Headspace

Headspace is one of many meditation apps for your smartphone can get you started if you are a beginner

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Just starting out on your mediation journey? If you have no clue how to free your mind, Headspace is an app that will coach you through the basics of this daily practice.

It does this through a fun series of ten-minute videos, where it will introduce you to breathing techniques, body postures, and other exercises that will ease you into this healthy habit.

Past the initial introductory sessions, the app branches into themed areas such as relationships and health, as well as ones that can be done when you are out for a walk, commuting to work, etc.

On the fence about its cost per month ($12.95 at press time)? For every paid subscription, the company gives a copy away to those in need, so your contribution will help create peace in more than just your world.

2 – Stop, Breathe, & Think

Anxious and freaked out about current events? If you find yourself in need of a little perspective, Stop, Breathe, & Think is one of the best meditation apps for your smartphone to rouse you out of your funk.

Quickly determining your state of mind through a series of questions, this app will then serve you up mediations designed to calm you down and get you back to a level-headed state.

3 – Simple Habit

Feeling rushed? Simple Habit is among the meditation apps for your smartphone that keep sessions short but sweet

Photo by CC user sapphire_penguin on Pixabay

If you feel rushed from the moment you roll out of bed, you might not think that you have any time to dedicate towards mediation.

However, it has been shown that even the busiest of executives find time for this mind-clearing act every day. If they can do it, so can you.

Fortunately, there is an app out there that can help install it into your daily routine, no matter how jam-packed it may appear to be.

Simple Habit does this by only taking up five minutes of your time, giving you mediations based on when you can spare a sliver of your attention, whether it is in the morning, during a work break, or before you go to bed.

4 – The Mindfulness App

If you love setting and then tracking your progress towards a series of goals, then The Mindfulness App will be a well-loved companion on your journey towards enlightenment.

It is also a beginner-friendly program, as it features five days worth of tutorials that will teach you the basics of meditation.

After that, you’ll have access to structured mediation programs, both short and long in duration. As mentioned before, the extensive statistics it offers makes it one of the more attractive apps out there for goal-orientated individuals, so if you are looking to quantify your journey, then The Mindfulness App is definitely one of the best meditation apps for your smartphone.

5 – Calm

The top meditation apps for your smartphone, above all else, calm you down after life's little upsets

Photo by CC user Ben_Kerckx on Pixabay

If you simply want to be at peace in a world that is getting crazier by the day, give Calm a long look. With relaxing natural sounds effusing the background of all the exercises contained within, you will feel your stress slipping away from the second you trigger this app.

From cultivating an attitude of gratitude to improving your sleep, Calm is one of the best meditation apps for your smartphone when it comes to turning your life around.

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