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Rent Indoor Plants: After All They Look Good and Clean the Air for You

You do not really need to be an ardent environmentalist to be able to see up close and personal, the myriad advantages of having lots of plants in your home or office environment. Quite apart from the fact that they both look and smell refreshing, they literally ‘are’ refreshing as well, thanks to the fact that they clean and essentially ‘freshen’ up the air around you. Take for example the fact that they breathe in harmful CO2 and replace it with healthy oxygen. 

As a matter of fact, a lot of research has gone on to clearly indicate that having a few potted plants in your room is not only good from the purely aesthetic sense, but at the same time, it is also very healthy from the physiological as well as the psychological viewpoints too. 

This is due to the fact that the veritable riot of colours ranging from vivid greens all the way to rich reds and vibrant yellows of flowering plants can have a really calming influence amongst people who share their living space with such plants. They have the capability of altering one’s more extreme mood swings in a very subtle manner. And in this way they provide a really tranquil environment for people who just want to feel good.Or for that matter, simply relax after a tiring day at work. Let us take a quick look at how plants can easily and safely make our work and living spaces a whole lot more comfortable, then they had ever been before:

  • Aesthetic appeal

This is the first and foremost reason you should consider plantscaping in your living space.  Flowering plants look very good and can easily spruce up (no pun intended) even the most jaded of rooms, easily enough.  

  • Natural air purifiers 

Unlike artificial air purifiers, they do not require either electricity or inorganic chemicals to work. They can naturally clean and purify the air in the room, so as to ensure that the air you breathe, is always clean and healthy.

  • Rich fragrance

Flowering plants can give off extremely soothing fragrances that can effectively help you do away with artificial room deodorizers.  Various plants such as Lavender, Rose and Jasmine can fill the entire room with their perennially sweet fragrance so that you can drift off to a good night’s refreshing sleep, and best of all,it’s one hundred percent natural so that you would not have to depend on sleeping pills and tranquilizers to feel calm and relaxed even as you drift off into slumber land.  

  • Renting plants vs. purchasing them

When it comes to plantscaping your living space, it is always better to opt for rental plants from companies like then to purchase them outright. 

 This is because rented plants are the property of the company that is hiring them out and as such, in case they die out, or become infested with parasites, the company will take care of the issue and supply you with fresh ones. 

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