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Serving Seniors – 4 Challenges Faced By Elderly Care Facilities

There comes a time in every person’s life when they are unable to take care of themselves. It starts with small things such as having difficulty in getting up from bed in the morning, unable to dress on their own, failing to stand still in the shower and more. Such problems tend to increase with age, so much so that the person is not even able to make the small trip from their bedroom to the living room. 

This is why new nursing homes and elderly care facilities have appeared everywhere and at an increasing rate. They provide the elderly with special care, which they cannot receive at home. Most of the residents in these facilities are 65 and above. The environment of these facilities provides elders the ease to live freely, without being a burden on their family. However, these elderly care facilities have been facing many challenges lately. According to a nursing home care study, people are trying to avoid these facilities due to issues with Medicare reimbursements. Another study reports that the staffs at these facilities are not well-trained which results in nursing problems going unidentified.

Let’s take a look at the four biggest challenges that are faced by elderly care facilities:

  1. Cost

The Medicare program does not cover each and every facility at a nursing home. When people admit their loved ones into an elderly care facility, they do it on the basis of healthcare insurance. However, specialised treatments are charged outside the Medicare card, which creates a problem. This is why facilities end up turning down patients who need special care, unless their family is willing to pay extra for private care.

  1. Outdated Equipment

Today, many of the big nursing home facilities in Patient Handling Australia have high-tech equipment that make patient handling easy. However, facilities that are running on a low budget have to decide between keeping the staff and upgrading the equipment. A few facilities depend on the old equipment, which often fail to give accurate results. This creates a problem in giving residents the right care at the right time. This leads to our third challenge:

  1. Patient Handling

Even if the equipment gets upgraded, many employees face difficulties in operating them. Devices such as patient handling equipment including lever seats and swings are hard to operate. The employee needs to know how to safely direct the resident into the seat. If not done properly by a trained professional, it can prove to be problematic for the resident and can even result in injuries.

  1. Unfair Pay

Facilities that are still under development put a pause to employees’ pay when they hit a road block. While other wings are being constructed, the yearly budget falls and employees are forced to work at a lower pay. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the drop in the quality of care.

Until these challenges are resolved, the elderly care facilities will keep experiencing a drop in their residents. Otherwise, families will opt for in-home care as they believe that their loved ones are being neglected at the facility.

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