Top 10 up and coming life hackers making waves in 2017
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Top 10 life hackers making waves in 2017

Looking to make a big change in your life before the year is up? If you want to summon the motivation needed to power through your self-doubt, it helps to have the experience and example of an expert in your corner.

While you may not have any gurus within easy reach, there are countless subject matter experts on the web you can model your behavior after.

While some are well-known (like Lifehacker and Tim Ferriss), there are plenty of other voices which are also worth a listen.

Below, we’ll share the blogs of ten up and coming life hackers which could make a big impact in your life before the curtain falls on 2017.

Bryan Hutchinson – The Positive Writer

Bryan Hutchison is the best of the up and coming life hackers to follow if you are a writer

If you are passionate about the written word, then you know how difficult it can be to express yourself sometimes. Of all the enemies writers face, crippling self-doubt is chief among them.

Nobody understands this more than Bryan Hutchinson. Recognizing this fact, he started The Positive Writer in a bid to help fellow wordsmiths recognize their full potential.

From overcoming creative droughts to improving your marketing chops, this blog is dedicated to turning you into a better writer.

Theo Ellis – Just Be Real

Theo Ellis has a story to which many of us can relate. Pressured into going to college, only to end up in a factory job surrounding by toxic people afterward, he realized he needed to lift himself up if his lot in life was to improve – nobody else was going to do it for him.

After being laid off, he started a business on the web and found success within a short period of time.

These days, he blogs about self-esteem, confidence, and other mindset issues you need to excel at if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur.

If you satisfy all the external conditions needed for success but it has alluded you, check out one of the best up and coming life hackers and get to work fixing your inner game.

David Cain – Raptitude

David’s rise towards the top of the life hack blogging world may have taken longer than the other upstarts on this list, but his voice has begun to shine through after years of building his reputation.

Raptitude was born after David began to tire of spending boring afternoons wasting his potential working in his office cubicle in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

From expounding on the value of doing nothing as a psychic palate cleanser to the power of laying out non-negotiable ground rules, the wisdom he drops could change your life for the better.

SJ Scott – Develop Good Habits

When it comes to life hacking, we know you value, real, quantifiable action versus the snake oil approach many ‘Law of Attraction’ practitioners espouse.

It was this annoyance with passive belief in ‘The Universe’ that led SJ Scott to debut his habit cultivation process by launching Develop Good Habits.

In his posts, he notes every high performer has a set routine which has served as a foundation for their success.

Every week, he publishes content which enables readers to make real progress toward their fitness, work, and self-improvement goals.

Skip Prichard

Of all the up and coming life hackers, Skip is best for buttoned-up business types

Want to achieve massive amounts of success in business? You can’t go wrong by following the musings of Skip Prichard, a man who has been the CEO of various companies over the years.

From startups to mature corporations, he has acquired plenty of wisdom that informs the practical advice he gives.

Whether you are trying to build something from the ground up or are trying to climb the corporate ladder in a Fortune 500 company, his counsel, if taken seriously, can lead to unprecedented results.

From thoughts on leadership to ways an entrepreneur can shore up their bottom line, there is much you can learn by adding Skip’s blog to your RSS feed alongside all the other up and coming life hackers.

Cris Nikolov – Motivation Grid

Motivated to improve multiple sectors in your life? Cris Nikolov has got your back, as he relays advice on everything from entrepreneurship to relationships on his blog, Motivation Grid.

Nominated by Feedspot as a top 25 motivational blog over the past two years, it is clear Cris will move past the up and coming life hackers into the elite levels of this blogging niche.

Courtney Carver – Be More With Less

There are many accepted ‘norms’ in our society which detract from the quality of our lives, but the idea that more stuff is better is definitely one of the worst.

Courtney Carver rails against this mentality with every post she makes on her blog, Be More With Less. It took being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 for her to realize the possessions everyone thinks they need don’t really matter.

Cutting out all the clutter in her life granted the space and time she needed to focus on creating a quality life for herself and her loved ones.

Her posts, which covers topics from creating a morning routine to de-cluttering your life, speak to this philosophy, so if you have worn down to the nub by your everyday grind, give her tips a try.

Robb Wolf

In recent years, the traditional Western diet has been exposed for the role it has played in the obesity crisis.

The vilification of fat and red meat, along with the insertion of sugar into many processed foods contributed to this disaster, leaving many of us staring a heart attack, cancer, and diabetes-filled future dead in the face.

As people have scrambled for solutions, the profile of Robb Wolf has risen, as he has become recognized as a Paleo lifestyle expert.

A former biochemist, power-lifting champion, and review editor for Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, Robb knows his stuff when it comes to the mechanics of the human body.

When he isn’t posting on how to successfully implement a Paleo lifestyle, he hosts a podcast which interviews other experts in this emerging field in diet science.

If you are looking to transform your waistline, he is the best of up and coming life hackers to follow.

Thanh Pam – Asian Efficiency

Asian Efficiency became one of the best up and coming life hackers by being relentless in the pursuit of perfect productivity

As cringe-worthy as this life hacking blog’s title may appear at first glance, the content contained within Thanh Pam’s Asian Efficiency has actionable information which can help transform how you plan your day.

Created after they were astonished by the ability of Asian colleagues to handle intimidating work loads calmly and quickly, this blog will soon have you systematizing various aspects of your work and personal life.

From finding and harnessing the power of your one true strength to protecting yourself from distraction, you’ll be making better use of your time within days of following this blog.

Marelisa Fábrega – Daring to Live Fully

Not living up to your full potential? Several years ago, Marelisa Fábrega would have agreed with you, as she too was going through the motions as a lawyer in Washington DC.

While it appeared she was living the dream according to societal norms, she felt empty inside. Soon after reading a book written by the Dalai Lama, though, she began to change the course of her life.

Shortly after abandoning law, she started Daring to Live Fully, and the rest was history.

These days, she aims to help her readers find happiness, banish procrastination, and to break out of their comfort zone with each post she publishes.

Recent articles include tips on how to start personal projects and how to avoid letting self-sabotage ruin your dreams, so follow along and one of the more inspiring of the up and coming life hackers be your guide to a better life.

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