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Life hacks and tips for maintaining your home

Top life hacks and tips for maintaining your home

Maintaining a functional home can get tiresome even in the best of times. Thankfully, the internet has made it easy to share tips that can make chores an easier burden to bear. Incorporate the following life hacks into your routine and you’ll quickly see how they can make your home a better place.

Bedroom: Make your bed first thing in the morning 

Most of the tips in this article rely on engineering improvements. However, ingraining the habit of making your bed into your morning routine will likely prove to be a game-changer.

Doing this every morning will help you burst out of the gate with a win within the first ten minutes of being awake. The mental boost this will give you cannot be understated, as it will greatly improve your chances of having a successful day. Plus, you’ll have a tidy bed to climb into every evening, which is reason enough to adopt this habit.

Bedroom: Stick some dryer sheets in your drawers  

Pleasing scents make a home a pleasurable place to be. From burning incense to lighting scented candles, there are a variety of ways you can add this touch to your home.

Do this in the bedroom by adding a scented dryer sheet to your clothing drawers. From spring rain to sporty fresh, there are a variety of delightful smells you can introduce – experiment until you find out what everybody likes.

Bathroom: Keep a laundry hamper for towels

In busy family households, your kids (or your hubby) may have the unfortunate habit of leaving spent towels lying in a soaking mess on the floor.

Combat this tendency by putting hampers in the bathrooms. When a towel has outlived its freshness, all anyone has to do is just toss it in the bin. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

Living room: Get item baskets for everyone in the house

Messes in lived-in homes aren’t just confined to bathrooms – left unmanaged, your living spaces can also become cluttered with toys, dishes, books, etc. Attempts to clean inevitably lead to complaints, as you’ll end up moving personal effects to spots where other family members won’t be able to find them.

Avoid this situation by giving each family member a personal basket. This way, you’ll be able to clean up loose items at the end of each day without anyone losing their things, as they will get placed in the appropriate bin. 

Mud room: Store essential outside-the-home items on hooks and hangers 

A harried commute or a bad day at work can leave you in a frazzled state. When walking in the door after these trying experiences, we often distribute our things (car keys, umbrellas, coats, etc) in a haphazard manner. The next morning, we often have no freaking clue where half our stuff is.

Dodge this predicament by having established places for outside-the-home items in your mud room/entryway. Having a bowl for car keys, a hangers for your purse and coat, and an umbrella holder close to each other ensures you’ll know where to put your things, making them easy to find when you have to head out.

Exterior: Revitalise a brick home by calling in the experts

You’re lucky enough to own a brick home, as they are sturdier than wood-frame houses and have excellent curb appeal. However, decades of exposure to the elements can degrade their attractiveness. Left unchecked, further erosion could compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Don’t make this into a labourious DIY project – PointBrik brick repointing has garnered heaps of respect for doing quality restorations over the years. By chipping away compromised mortar and replacing it with specially formulated new mortar, they will leave your home stronger and more beautiful than before. 

Backyard: Spray mower blades with cooking spray to stop clippings from sticking

In a perfect world, we would cut the lawn regularly. Alas, life has a way of getting in the way of good intentions. Half the time when you go to give your jungle a haircut, clumps of wet grass end up sticking to the blades, forcing you to stop to clean the undercarriage frequently.

Make this task easier by coating the rotors of your mower with cooking spray. Doing this won’t impact your machine’s effectiveness, but this thin slippery layer of oil will make it nearly impossible for grass to build up on the blades. Give it a shot this coming summer!

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