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What Makes Commercial Cleaning Different From Residential Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning versus residential cleaning has many different distinctions. Home cleaning requires attention to detail and handling your possessions with care. Commercial cleaning companies specialize in janitorial and office maintenance. Professional cleaning businesses usually offer both types of services.

Commercial Cleaning Services – Los Angeles

Professional commercial cleaning companies encompass larger scale buildings such as hotels. They usually send out multiple employees to handle these jobs and focus on a few duties. Cleaning is done after business hours. The cost is included in a contract agreed upon by you and the business. 

Some of these duties include carpet care, public bathrooms, and window cleaning. Commercial cleaning businesses may also specialize in construction clean-up after your home has completed construction or after renovations. They also handle natural disasters such as flood or fire damage. 

Commercial cleaning companies provide industrial equipment and cleaning chemicals to complete the process. According to Letsy Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, cleaning company employees should be trained professionally to handle heavy equipment and hazardous chemicals. The United States Department of Labor under the Occupational Health and Safety Administration lists safety standards for the cleaning industry. These laws must be followed to protect workers, employers, and the environment they are working in.

The main focus is to provide a clean, safe environment that meets safety and sanitation codes. 

Professional Residential Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Housekeeping consists of cleaning your home. This can be done on a regular basis or whatever is convenient for you. Services are done during the day on your schedule. Cost depends on what services are provided. Professional home cleaners specialize in many duties, specifically floors, bathrooms, and bedrooms. 

Residential services also include before and after moving in or out of a home. They also do after party cleaning. Equipment and cleaning supplies will be provided by the company. Professional cleaners have expert knowledge on how to remove the toughest stains and hard to clean spaces. Your home will be handled with detail and care.

Letys Cleaning Services- Los Angeles

Letys cleaning company will provide you with expert care for whatever your needs are, whether your business or home. Their professionals have experience and knowledge when it comes to supplying your demands. Call today for a free estimate!

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